How to Use Google Hangout | The Google Voice and Video Chat Tool

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How to Use Google Hangout

Online video chatting has become the most popular form of communication since the advent of the telephone. Being able to speak to your grandchildren while seeing them on a video phone used to be an expensive dream device for most people.

Google has created a tool that allows anyone with a computer, tablet or smart phone to communicate using audio and video, for FREE!

How long that lasts who knows.

A “video chat hangout” can be started in a few minutes and you can be talking to up to 10 people on video and many more via the chat window. You can also use it to share files, share your screen to walk someone through a specific process and see someone else’s screen, as well.

In the following video I walk you through getting setup with a Google account and then creating your first Google Hangout.

How To Use Google Hangout: How Do I Start a Google Hangout?

The first thing you will need to have is a Google account.

A Google account gives you an entire suite of FREE tools that you can use. Most you may never use, but there are a few that are extremely useful to just about anyone with a beating heart.

  1. YouTube is the biggest video hosting site on the planet and the #2 search engine on the planet. If you like to make videos, YouTube is a good place to host them for people to see. Notice I said “good” place to host them. Google owns YouTube so it increases the chance that your video will get seen, but know that you do NOT own the content per se once it is loaded on your channel. If YouTube and it’s band of “Flaggers” deem your video to not be up to their standards it can get flagged and removed. Worse case scenario your channel gets shuts down.
  2. Google Calendar is a great calendar and can sync with your smart phone. You know you need to track your schedule better.
  3. Gmail is one of the biggest FREE email systems in the world and it integrates with all the other Google stuff so why not make good use of it? You can also integrate it with your personal email if you prefer to keep your current email address. We’ll have to touch on that in another video.
  4. Google Keyword planner is a tool used by anyone who is marketing online. It is an amazing FREE tool that allows you to analyse what everyone is searching for online. It should be your go to tool for seeking out profit generating keywords.
  5. Google Analytics helps you crunch the numbers when it comes to the visitors on your website. It’s a little bit more of an advanced tool, but there is plenty of documentation to help you figure it out.

There are many other tools, but we won’t get into all of them in this post. Wander around the Google-sphere and check them out for yourself.

Ok, you’ve got your Google account setup now all you have to do is log in and head over to Plus.Google.Com.

Once you are there there is a “Home” drop down on the left side of the page. Drop that menu down and then scroll down and click on “Hangouts.”

You are going to be given 2 options. “Hangouts on Air” and “Video Hangouts.”

The Hangouts on Air is if you want to record your Hangout and have Google Automatically upload it to your YouTube channel. You may not be able to record your Hangouts until your YouTube channel is a little more seasoned. The setting to allow it to be recorded can be found on your YouTube.Com channel under settings.

If you want to start a regular Google Hangouts video call, just click on “Video Hangouts” then the “Start a video hangout” button.

It’s going to give you a link that you can share with people on social media so they can join you. Remember that anyone who wants to join your hangout will have to have a Google account as well. If they are connected with you on Google Plus you can simple “invite” people to your call through the “Invite” window.

You can set that guest have to be 18 years of age to join (remember other people may be able to see you video call on Google Plus and join in). You can also opt for a quite call so if your invitee is somewhere where they don’t want to disturb anyone it will not “ring” on their end.

Once they pick up you should be able to see them on the other end.

NOTE: Both parties must have a microphone and video camera of some kind to be able to participate in a video call. If you don’t have a mic you will not be heard and if you don’t have a webcam you won’t be seen. If your webcam in in use by another software you will not have access to it in Google Hangout.

The exact use of your mic and webcam will be done in another post.

You can see my review of a Logitech Webcam by Clicking HERE.

Google Hangout has some fun tools built right into the interface. It is a matter of playing around with them to see what they do. We use Google Hangout in our home based business so we have special “lower thirds” created that allow people to see our names under our video. This is very useful if you are doing a “LIVE” show and people haven’t seen you before.

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I have a lot of tips, tricks and techniques that can help you get started in your own business.

I hope this helped you learn the basics of how to use Google Hangout. If you need more just ask.

To Your Success!

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  1. Amy Klinka
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the info. I’m very new to google plus and my friend and I wanted to video chat today. I could see myself, she couldn’t see me. I couldn’t see her so I’m not sure what we are missing in the settings. I did see a spot where I could unclick just anyone getting acess to my cam and mic.

    Also we do run a business from the home, I was wondering how long can the videos be?

    Thank you for the video and any suggestions.
    Amy Klinka

    • paulc
      4 years ago

      Amy, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

      You said you could see yourself. Could she see herself? If both of you could see yourselves, but not each other, I know your cameras were working and it must be something else. Sometimes a quick “right click” in the middle of the screen and a “reload” or “refresh” clears everything up.

      The setting for that are at the top of the window while you are chatting. If you move your mouse to the middle of the video window, you should see a “mic” icon a “speaker” and a settings “gear” looking icon. I assume you could hear each other because you didn’t mention that.

      Make sure your camera settings are set properly, which it sounds like it was, before assuming it was something else. You need to have decent internet speeds as well or you can run into issues with the video stream.

      I would be more than happy to jump online with you to help out if you need it. Sometimes just playing with it a bit clears it up and the video comes back.

      As far as how long the videos can be. That is determined by your YouTube Channel. If your channel is in good standing and you’ve had it for a bit you can have very long videos. We’ve had training video that go an hour and a half with no problem.

      Let me know if you get it or need more help.


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