Perfection Kills Progress: Percentages in Baseball and Business

percentages in baseball and business

Percentages in Baseball and Business

My wife and I are on a 9 day road trip and…

Yesterday, while we were walking around downtown Chicago, we decided to go check out a Chicago Cubs baseball game.

I will say that I am NOT a big professional sports fan.

Especially team sports that allow a player to sit on the bench or underperform and still collect a big paycheck.

I believe in getting paid for performance.

But that’s a whole other subject.

The buzz around Wrigley Field was incredible!

For me and my wife, that’s what this stuff is all about.

The pageantry…

The history…


Wrigley Field turned 100 years old this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Even live TV can’t replicate the excitement of being there.

The smells of the concession…

The crack of the bat…

The roar of the crowd.

As each batter approached the plate they showed their stats on the screens around the stadium.

The batting averages were all of the board…





These guys, who are some of the best baseball players in the world, only hit 2 to 3 out of every 10 times at bat.

They strike out a lot more than they get on base, but they keep stepping up to the plate.

Imagine how different the game would be if every time a player struck out 6 or 7 times and then said, “screw this, I quit.”

Professional baseball wouldn’t exist.

Jim Rohn, uses a similar analogy for business.

He says that even if on average you sponsor 3 out of 10 and he sponsors 1 out of 10…

He can beat you.

Because you talk to 10 and get 3…

But he’ll talk to 100 and get 10.

Some people talk to 6 people and quit.

Then they run around telling everyone how much business sucks and it can’t be done…

When all they had to do was talk to 4 more people and they may have had 3 sign up.

What happens if you talk to 10 people about your business and no one signs up?


If you talk to 20 and no one signs up…

Then you decide to talk to 10 more…

And 9 sign up…

You’re average is STILL 3 out of 10.

In order for your statistics to be accurate you have to data.

Data requires that you put in some work.

If you are going to be a business professional…

Be like a professional baseball player and keep swinging the bat!

Now, I will say that sometimes certain people are not cut out for a certain sport and the same is true for business.

But, before you quit.

Ask yourself this question and answer honestly.

“Have I worked as hard as I could and done everything I could to make this work?”

You can use this question for business…

For work…

For sports…

And especially for relationships.

If you can honestly say you’ve given it everything you’ve got…

And then some.

And it’s not happening for you.

Then, and only then, can you make a decision to pack it in and move on to another chapter in your life.

If the answer is NO and you haven’t given it ALL you’ve got…


Or your better half, if in the case of a relationship…

To continue to step up to the plate…

And take another swing at bat.

One more thing before you go.

Every professional has a coach.

The best of the best, have coaches.

If you are just stuck and don’t know what to do next.

Please shoot me an email and we’ll see if there isn’t something I can do to help.

I want to see each and every one of you succeed and I know you can.

Have an awesome day folks!


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